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Saying Yes to the Dress!

When planning a wedding for most women one of the biggest details of her big day is the dress. I can’t even count how many “Say yes to the dress” episodes I’ve watched over the years and almost all have ended in big happy tears over finding that perfect wedding dress!

If you don’t know my husband and I were together 9 years and 11 months before we decided to get married. It was about two and half weeks maybe three tops that we decided for our 10 year anniversary we would get married! As you can imagine we were on a very limited budget with a two week time span and no money saved for this event. The first thing I thought was “aw I’m not going to have a big say yes to the dress moment” but then I looked and my kids and I looked at Michael and said it doesn’t matter, what’s going to matter is our holy matrimony and that we will be right in the eyes of God. So with that the dress was no longer a big worry of mine.

Before I knew it, it was the Monday before my wedding which was on Sunday and I had the ceremony spot reserved, my parents and grandparents had been informed, we had our pastor, we had our marriage license and it was time for me to find my dress.

I had my mind made up that I would not be going over $140 for my dress and as anyone who has been wedding dress shopping knows that is a very TIGHT budget! And I really didn’t want anyone to be there with me because I felt it wasn’t going to be very special just a simple off the rack dress and I didn’t want to feel pressured into buying something over my budget, especially because I have a hard time saying no.  But God definitely had different plans in store for me. Starting with Alicia a close friend who would keep me going with words of encouragement on this long crazy roller-coaster day. Alicia and I started at the mall we went into a quince/wedding dress boutique store and as I looked at the dresses and looked at the price’s I could feel panic and anxiety start to build up. I have been on my walk with Christ for a little while now to know that those feelings are not of the Lord and started to immediately pray and remind myself that it was in God’s hands. We decide to see if Macy’s had any homecoming or prom dress that might do, but unfortunately saw nothing. About an hour had passed now I was starting to get a little nervous again but I continued to pray to God that something would come up, so we decided to go ahead and try David’s Bridal.

We arrived to David’s Bridal and I asked for the Clearance section not knowing that their clearance still consisted of $300 – $1800 dollar dresses! I have to be honest my heart sunk and I started to really become discouraged. As I was thinking of leaving the sales lady came and showed me their own collection of dresses that were more my budget and I started to feel a little relief again. Right away I pulled about 5 or 6 dress that could possibly work, and off to the dressing room we went. I was so excited to start trying these dresses on I started to thank God for putting these dress in front of me. I put them on one by one they were each beautiful dress but also simple dress. I had always had something totally different in mind like a big beautiful gown so deep down in the pit of my stomach I knew I wasn’t truly happy. So I started to pray, I prayed to God to make me humble and thankful that I would even be able to buy a dress at all. As I was trying on the dresses we noticed the lights started to flicker and Alicia and I started to say hey maybe its god giving me a sign that I found my dress, and as I put on the fourth dress and I decide to say yes to that dress the whole shopping strip went out of power! As Alicia and I looked at each other we said man God is saying yes this is your dress you look so beautiful he shut down the whole strip. Of course we were joking but we also did take it as a sign that this was my dress! We had no choice but to leave my dress behind because everything was down in the store, as we left I started to have those mix feeling again because I wasn’t truly happy and the dress would still be over my budget about $40. As we sat in my car I can lie I was putting a front that I was totally happy with everything but inside I was having a prayer war with myself. I was praying away feelings of doubt and unhappiness and praying for humbleness and thankfulness.  While we waited for the lights to turn on my best friend Bianca showed up, and my two beautiful friends wanted to help me so much there were willing to try and sell a dress to give me some extra funds so we drove away from the David’s bridal to see about selling the dress. As we were doing that we also started looking online to see if we could find a veil for a cheap price. I had come across this wedding boutique site call “I do the dress I do’ I ran through the site quickly and decide no and kept looking, Alicia then came to me and said lets go look at this place called “I do the dress I do” to see if they have any veils. It took my a little by surprise because I had just past up that site so I laughed to myself and thought what a coincidence and decided we would go check it out. When we drove up to the address we circled the area about two or three times and all we saw in front of us was a big for lease building that looked kind of rough. As we were about to drive off and go back to the David’s Bridal we decide to call the place and ask if they were in the for lease building, low and behold they were in that building. As we walked in we were so iffy of the place it was a little bit scary but we had faith in god he was leading us here for a reason. As we were looking around we started to make conversation with the owner and told her we were looking for a veil and somehow I honestly can even remember how but I had told her my dress hadn’t been purchased yet and how tight of a budget I was on. She said she had dresses in my price range and then offered to show me her clearance room and when I walked in my mouth literally dropped! In front of me were big beautiful actual wedding gowns I just about started to cry.  She immediately grabbed about 4 different dresses that could possible do. I tried on the first one and I couldn’t believe I was actually standing in a grown that could possibly be mine! I tried on one or two more and even though they were gorgeous I went back to that first gown.  There I stood in amazement that I was actually going to be able to have a real wedding gown. She put on a veil and I was looking at myself in the mirror I was waiting for that special moment. The owner then brought the veil over my face and there it was my “say yes to the dress” moment! With butterflies in my stomach and my heart racing I started to cry I was ready to say yes! I pulled myself together and asked for the official price and that’s when she offered me $150 for the dress. I immediately said yes and all I could do after that was thank God for blessing me with what my heart truly desired. I am a firm believer in prayer and I believe if I hadn’t been praying that whole day for god to keep my heart humble and my eyes fixed on what truly mattered he wouldn’t have blessed me with what I truly wanted. I give all glory and praise to God he completely shut down a store to push me out of that store and guide me to a beautiful gown.

I am so proud to be honoring my holy father by being married to my husband and having him bless me with a beautiful dress to be married was more than I could ask for. I feel so blessed to have my husband also be the father of both my children. We have been together since high school, we became parents at a young age, and we did not have god as the center of our relationship. The odds were highly stacked against us to fail but when we came to Lord we have been seeing blessing after blessing and deciding to get married was just one way we could honor our father.

Here is the dress I was going to purchase from David’s Bridal

And below is one of the dresses I had to try because it was my all time favorite wedding planner David Tutera and then finally my dress that I said I do in.

3 thoughts on “Saying Yes to the Dress!

  1. I was on a tight budget too when I finally got married by church ten years later. I was disappointed with how expensive these dresses are that you will use only for a couple of hours. I ended up buying mine in downtown LA for only $100. It was beautiful and I was not poor after the purchase. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!!

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